My Work | Web

Let’s face it, the Web has become the go-to place for information. Whether you are a brand new business or looking to enhance your business’ visibility, a website is the place to start to bring in customers.

I began by creating websites out of necessity (both creative and practical)– and I loved it! Over the years I learned more tricks of the trade by creating websites for friends and my own various ventures, then finally made the move into working with clients. I know my way around WordPress, but have also created custom HTML sites based on client needs. I am not a developer…and I won’t be able to build your online shopping empire, but if you want a clean, elegant, no-fuss (or fussy if that’s how you like it) way to represent yourself, your business or your passion…get in touch with me. I can help.

So you want to establish an on-line presence, but you are not sure where to start? The first step is domain registration and hosting. I will walk you through the process or handle the task for you.

The next step in making a mark on the Web is the site itself. I can get you started with the basics from which the sky is the limit.

Below are a few examples of recent websites that I have completed.