My Work

Editorial, Feature Articles & Books

I am fortunate to have a creative outlet at my day job, in addition to my freelance work. Get an idea of my writing style – and the things that are important to me – by reading some of my newspaper editorials and feature articles. [Links coming soon!]

In 2010-11, I had the opportunity to co-write a non-fiction book. It was a true learning experience, as I worked on all aspects of the book from the beginning – just a few pages and ideas written by the author. I served as editor and book designer as well as co-author and worked with the printer all the way to the final product. What a thrill it was to hold that shiny new book in my hand, hot off the presses, and see my name on the front cover!

My next writing project is a book of collected recipes, stories and history representing four generations of women in my family. It’s a very personal project, but at the same time one that I think will be relatable to a broad audience. I look forward to the storytelling process as much as the nuts and bolts of editing and design.

In 2015, I completed the layout and design of two children’s books for self-published authors in the Greater Phoenix area. The first project was doing basic layout work – the author had a strong idea of how she wanted to book to be laid out and firm guidelines from the printer; she just needed the technical expertise to make it happen. The second book was family affair (meaning I worked with my author and illustrator mother), and I had the opportunity to have a more hands-on role in the book design.